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For Potential Clients

Do You Need A Collection Agency?

How do you know if working with a collection agency [or your current agency] is right for you?

  • Does your office have the time and manpower to do collections?
  • Is your staff prepared to ask for payment from people with financial struggles?
  • What could your staff be doing with their time rather than attempting to collect past due invoices?
  • Does your current agency respond promptly to your calls?
  • Can your current agency litigate the accounts requiring more intensive collection efforts for you?

Let us be your partners in success!

If there’s frustration with your business profits due to the non-payment of invoices, CSFV wants to help increase your company's revenue by collecting past due accounts on your behalf. You can focus on your day-to-day business while CSFV makes unpaid accounts a priority.

  • While removing you from the controversy of collection, we promise to protect your business relationships.
  • CSFV is bonded & licensed by the state of Wisconsin.
  • When the insistence to pay comes from a third party, certain customers will more urgently pay your past due balance.
  • CSFV report to the Credit Bureaus, which can expedite payment from some customers.
  • Our educated staff is trained in collections & knows how to communicate with your customers in a manner that prompts both urgency & understanding.
  • We have an in-house automated dialing system that ensures your accounts are being reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Our staff is well versed in skip-tracing accounts & locating people who owe you funds.
  • At CSFV, we work extended business hours so your accounts can be called during prime contact hours.
  • If standard collection efforts have not produced results we have a legal department who is capable of persuing legal action on your behalf.
  • CSFV offers Client Login Web Access allowing you to monitor your accounts, reports & communicate with our staff.
  • CSFV can provide you with a wide variety of reports to keep you informed about your consumer accounts.
  • There are no monthly or annual fees associated with placing accounts for collections with us; and no fees unless we collect your past due accounts.

"We just wanted to thank you so very much for helping us with this unfortunate case! You have been so thoughtful, helpful & kind to us right from the start. We really appreciate all of your hard work, care & concern with our case."

-Neenah Resident

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